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Brunswick Twist

Brunswick Twist

Brunswick Rhino

Brunswick Rhino

Brunswick Rhino

Brunswick Rhino

Storm Astrophysix

Storm HyRoadX

Storm Intense

Axiom Pearl

Storm Omega Crux

Storm Phaze 3

Storm Pro Motion

Storm Timeless

Storm Timeless SE

Strom IQ Tour Nano pearl

Storm Paralax

Storm Trend

Brunswick Prism Hybrid

Brunswick Prism Solid

Brunswick Vintage Phantom

Prism Warp Hybrid

Melee Jab Blood Red

Brunswick Quantum Bias

Roto Grip Halo vision

Roto Grip Idol

Roto Grip Wild streak

Roto Grip Nuclear cell

Roto Grip Idol pro

Hammer Fugitive Solid

Hammer Redemption Hybrid

Hammer Web Tour

DV8 Instagator

DV8 Intimidator

Dv8 Poison Pearl

DV8 Turmoil 2 Pearl

DV8 Turmoil Solid

Hammer Rip'd Pearl

Hammer Black widow pink

Radical Conspiracy Hybrid

Radical Conspiracy

Radical Squatch Hybrid

Radical Zing Hybrid

Radical Conspiracy theory

Motiv Covert tank

Motiv freestyle

Motiv Rip Cord Flight

Ebonite Omni Solid


Columbia Outlook

Columbia 300

Opening hours:

Daily from 12 o'clock in the afternoon
On saturday we open from 10 o'clock in the morning

Reserve your lane from 10 o'clock in the morning by phone 071-5765041
The lanes can be played till 12 o'clock in the evening, on sunday till 10 pm

Our rates are in Euro, per hour including shoerent and bumpers for kids

Monday to friday till 6 pm
Monday to thursday after 6 pm
Friday night, saturday and sunday
Fridaynight, saturday and sunday second hour
18,50 (so 2 hours for 43,50)
Christmas and Easter
Bowling for childeren/childparty's <16 years till 6 pm
Familyrate ( parents with children till 15 years old) valid until 6 pm
Students (on display of student card) sunday after 6 pm till thursday
27,50 for 1,5 hour
Sunday evening after 6 pm
27,50 for 1,5 hour

We advise max 6 persons per lane
Special rates for schools, we can open earlier for your schoolgroup. Just give us a call!

You can also do a birthday party in our center.
It's possible to bring your own cake (if you bring your own plates)