Radical Conspiracy



Radical is very excited to announce two new additions to our line-up, the Radical Conspiracy and the Outer Limits Pearl. The Radical Conspiracy will feature our all-new solid HK22+ cover. The HK22+ Solid cover is a more aggressive version of the original HK22, offering more traction and quicker response to friction.

The original Conspiracy is Radical’s number one selling ball, and we feel the new Radical Conspiracy has the potential to exceed those sales numbers. The Radical Conspiracyhas the look and feel of the original Conspiracy, but with the addition of the all-new HK22+ Solid cover, we have taken the Conspiracy motion to an all-new level. We have kept the core the same with an RG of 2.487, a differential of 0.056, and an intermediate differential of 0.021. The Radical Conspiracy has the making of a ball that can handle medium to heavy oil patterns.