Storm Ion Pro



Storm has introduced a groundbreaking innovation following the success of revered models like the !Q Tour and Phaze II. Enter the Storm Ion Pro, Storm Bowling’s inaugural asymmetric benchmark ball. It sets a new standard for reliability, offering balanced performance across various lane conditions. Versatile and adaptable, it empowers bowlers to fine-tune their game without the need for multiple balls. With its inclusive design catering to every style and approach, the Ion Pro is a must-have addition to any bowler’s arsenal. The Element Tour A.I. Core showcases a unique stacked ellipse design, positioning smaller ellipses at the ends of the X-axis and the widest ellipse at the central point of the Y-axis. Diverging from the cavity designs seen in the Crux™ and Absolute™, this configuration amplifies the dynamic shifts between different layouts. By centralizing mass with a focus on the largest ellipse at the ball’s geographic center, the Element Tour A.I. Core achieves a lower RG, making it one of Storm’s most strikingly low RG asymmetrical designs to date. In contrast to typical asymmetric weight blocks, where the thinnest portion generating asymmetry lies close to the Y-Axis, the Element employs a stairstep asymmetry approach. Despite the widest part being at the Y-Axis, each subsequent ellipse, though narrower, is offset, intensifying the asymmetry with every step. Finding a coverstock as dependable and adaptable as TX-16 is a challenge in itself. Initially introduced through the Phaze™ II, TX-16 has instilled unwavering confidence in bowlers worldwide over the years. In this hybrid rendition, it combines length and durability, offering a level of versatility that’s seldom matched. The Ion Pro sets out to redefine the very essence of “benchmark” in bowling.