Storm IQ Tour 78



It’s an IQ Tour like you’ve never seen before… Meet Storm’s IQ Tour 78/U!

Storm’s latest release to the IQ Tour line is new, different, and it’s urethane. IQ TOur 78/U features a newly formulated Controll 78 Solid urethane coverstock, finished at 500-Grit Abralon. This PBA approved cover will offer smooth controllable predictability on the lanes.

Inside, the C3 Centripetal Control symmetric core has a low RG, which will help the ball maintain urethane-like reaction. You can expect smooth arcing motion on drier lane surfaces.
Here’s what Storm has to say about IQ Tour 78/U:

If you’re looking for a smooth and predictable reaction, the !Q Tour 78/U may be for you! We’ve been testing new urethane materials and the combination on this bowling ball creates a new reaction different than current urethane options in the bowling industry. The new Controll 78 Urethane is also PBA® compliant.