Storm Absolute Power



Unleash the Storm Absolute Power, a game-changer in the Premier Line, boasting a groundbreaking single-density asymmetric core—the first since the Lucid. With the evenly weighted Sentinel Core and reduced mass near the thumb hole, experience enhanced dynamics surpassing a single slug’s impact. The R2S DEEP Solid Coverstock, introduced in 2023, defines the Absolute Power’s superiority. “Delayed Energy for Enhanced Performance” ensures a cleaner front, allowing the ball to ignore the first 1/3 of the lane. The rougher, more porous nature of R2S DEEP enhances midlane control, providing a perfect balance for bowlers favoring midlane reads. Unlike traditional balls, no extra slug is needed. The Sentinel Core’s evenly distributed masses create a sharper and more consistent change in direction. Get ready for a revolutionary bowling experience that redefines precision, power, and overall performance. The Storm Absolute Power is here to elevate your game and deliver unmatched scores.