Track Tundra Blue Fire



The entire Track line of balls is exceptional right now, and bowlers are turning to the brand for premium performing products at every level. Theorem, Archetype, and Stealth are all making their way into more bowler’s bags, and another product that surprised a lot of bowlers last season was Tundra Fire. With the addition of HK22 to the lower-end for Track, we provided easy length and a strong skid-snap reaction that gave the market a shape it was missing. Tundra Blue Fire is a revised version using DR-6 Pearl (HK22), a class of response stronger than the first Tundra Fire. The design intent for the new Tundra was not to stray far from what made the Tundra Fire exceptional, to fine-tune the offering, introduce a little more response, and continue to dominate the lanes when Theorem and Stealth and other stronger are no longer effective.